Chatta is the PopPixie of Gossip and the craziest pixie of the group.

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Chatta, Lockette, and Caramel. While Chatta is holding a Bumble Monkey


She is an enthusiastic pixie who wants to share all her happiness to everyone as long as they are happy as well. She is also a dinamic character who is always on the go. She is also a determined about something and very naughty pixie who loves jokes. She terrified her friends by her chaotic characteristic.


She has yellow and blondish hair, her hair extends with two ponytails. Her band that conects to her hair is color green. a jacket that is colored green with fluffy cloth at the neck with a short light pink sleeveless cloth at inside of her closed jacket. She has green short pants with pink and orange fluffy cloth belt and cute green shoes.


Chatta in Pop Pixie with flower shaped wings

Pop Pixie AppearanceEdit

Chatta's blonde and curly hair becomes longer. Her dress is like Bloom's Enchantix but only colored and paterned violet and green, she has a flower violet bracelet at her two hands and she has a green flower topped headband with stripes of different shades of green and yellow. She has that name for other reasons!!!


She has many friends, like Lockette, Amore, Tune, Piff, Cherie, Caramel, Digit, Martino, and Fixit. Of course, Fixit and Chatta are not just friends, they are lovers, but they don't admit it. In Winx Club, like Stella, Chatta is a motormouth, which she is full of gossip and her bonded fairy, Flora, is shy. So being mistaken, Amore and Flora should be the bonded girls then Chatta and Stella should be also the bonded girls.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Chatta's powers are being a "motormouth" and she can hear gossip from far away, for miles and miles and miles... She is the Pop Pixie of Gossip, Chatta is more like Gossip Queen or a 24-h.

She had an ability to convince, confound and stun people. Chatta is the queen of gossip: with her power she can get anyone to tell her anything and she uses her talkative ways to defend herself and attack. But above all, the information that she gathers is the best way to get herself out of trouble. Her special power is useful whenever her friends need information. When she goes into action against her enemies she hears them even when they are very far away, a skill which in her everyday life allows her to intercept all sorts of gossip and she is always the first to know the latest news. With her MagicPop, she has the ability of super hearing


  • Her name "Chatta" is from the word "chat".
  • In the Winx Club she is the Pixie of Chatting but actually she is the Pixie of Gossip, as published by Rainbow.
  • Chatta's Pop Pixie wings are Flower-shaped
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